If you're a Democrat, you most likely feel that climate change is man made. If you're Republican, chances are your beliefs are the absolute opposite.

A recent Zogby Poll conducted for Hamilton College showed that opinions on climate change and climate action are sharply divided along partisan lines; 81.4% of Democrats yet only 20.4% of Republicans believe that climate change is human-caused.

The good news is for the most part, "we now all agree that climate change is real," said Hamilton College Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Aaron Strong. He also said it's important to be honest with the public and avoid the "doomsday" warnings that aren't really true.

Strong definitely believes that climate change is caused by man, but he said he believes it's important to speak realistically and to accept the fact that people will most likely move to green technology when it's cost effective.

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The polling was conducted in Oneida and Madison Counties and here are some key takeaways.

1. 54% of likely voters support the goals of the New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (the new climate law)
2. Opinions on climate change and climate action are sharply divided along partisan lines; 81.4% of Democrats yet only 20.4% of Republicans believe that climate change is human-caused
3. A large majority of likely voters – 70% – said that they support utility-scale solar development (solar farms), with most people who oppose them indicating that lack of trust in solar companies and changes in land use are their main concerns.
4. Nearly 78% of respondents expressed interest in using renewable energy if it resulted in cost savings. Interestingly enough, a majority of republicans expressed interest in cost-efficient renewable energy.
5. 47% of respondents indicated they support the CLCPA goal of 100% personal vehicle sales to be electric vehicles by 2035.
6. While 63% of respondents see effective public transportation as "important to achieving a greener future," 68% would not be interested in using an improved local bus system.
Strong is holding a public meeting this Thursday, called Opinions on Climate Change in Oneida & Madison Counties, from 7 - 8:30 p.m. at the Hamilton College, Science Center Auditorium. The public is invited to attend, but vaccination and masks are required.  There's also a Zoom option for people who would rather attend virtually by clicking here. The event is free of charge.

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