With traditional movie theaters still shuttered under the current guidelines, drive-in are poised for a comeback - and a local business is hoping to bring the drive-in to you.

Darryl Hogan and his partners have started 'Gypsy Films' - a mobile drive-in theater. They plan to partner with the "Brake From the Grind" food truck and "Squeezer's Lemonade" to create a complete movie-going experiencing while maintaining social distancing.


Darryl says he got the idea when he saw a wedding venue, Arlington Acres, in Lafayette switch gears from hosting weddings to selling out a pop-in drive in event. "I thought it looked like a great idea," Darryl says.

Darryl and his investors went out and got the equipment needed to host a pop up drive-in, including a 40 foot screen.

They've already booked their first event, from June 26th - June 27th, in place of the Clark Mills Firemen Field Days, at the same location. Darryl says the event will help to raise money for the department, since most non-profits have had to cancel fundraising events. Tickets will be sold online, and limited to 100 vehicles.

In fact, that was the motivation behind the business: to help out local non-profits.

How you can you make this happen for your non-profit? 

You can just reach out to Gypsy Films at 315-765-7907 or you can find Gypsy Films on Facebook and Instagram at GypsyFilmsCNY. The guidelines for the events are below.

Credit: GypsyFilms
Credit: GypsyFilms

If you want to make sure you're the first to know when their next event is scheduled, and to be first in line to get tickets, be sure to follow Gypsy Films on Facebook. 


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