Social distancing could mean a resurgence for drive-ins in Central New York.

There's something about watching movies on the big screen that no home theater can really match. We don't know about you, but we're missing Twizzlers, a big screen, and frankly - other people.

Plus, the movie industry is in big trouble as a result of the coronavirus. Variety says AMC is getting ready to file for bankruptcy, and experts are suggesting almost 25% of movie theaters in the United States might not open in the aftermath.

There's hope though, and it's old school: the drive-in. In fact, all of the US box office returns last week came from one drive-in in Florida - and it only showed two movies.

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Let's bring drive-ins back in Central New York. In some cities, traditional theaters are retrofitting parking lots with screens to show films. Let's do it.

There are still several drive-ins open in CNY - you can search them here - is it time to head back to the drive-in, and maybe re-open the ones that have closed?

What do you think?


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