Taco Bell has announced some changes coming to their restaurants - Changes that we could possibly see in Utica and around Central New York.

Taco Bell has always been the fast-food chain that's on the leading edge of trends with their customers - Whether it's offering new menu items consisting of the latest food flavors and combinations, or keeping up with technology by introducing their Taco Bell App. Now Taco Bell is looking into 'zeroing-in' on their customers' needs, based specifically on their location.

The fast-food chain is testing out new restaurant designs - Four different ones, that will fit in the areas the buildings are located. The designs include "Heritage," "Modern Explorer," "California Sol," and "Urban Edge," which all have their own unique features, colors, and 'feel.' The new remodeling is about more than just looking good, though. According to Fox 26,

Reducing the environmental footprint of stores was top of mind when developing these new restaurant designs, which feature LED lights and energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment...

Will these changes be coming to Utica and Central New York Taco Bell locations?

Well, the first restaurants to be upgraded will be in California, with the new designs being introduced this summer - So New York and Utica are not out of the question. Taco Bell is also looking to expand urban-designed "Cantina" restaurants (which are known for having an open-kitchen layout and being able to serve alcohol). As of right now, there are only two of those restaurants, but Fox 26 states,

Atlanta is currently being explored for the next urban development, while numerous cities across the U.S. are under consideration for future locations. These include major metropolitan areas from New York, Boston and Ohio to smaller cities with revitalizing downtown areas like Berkeley, Austin and Fayetteville.

By the looks of it, Utica probably has a bigger chance of getting an urban "Cantina" Taco Bell before they actually get a new restaurant design. But we'll have to wait and see what the fast-food chain decides on for their locations in New York.




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