This weekend's 'New to Naomi' took me to Schuyler to check out Dave's Diner. Not only was the food good, but the ice cream cones were ridiculously huge!

Dave's Diner Sign
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Eric Meier actually suggested that I check out Dave's Diner. And as a lover of food (and ice cream) how could I say no? I'm glad for the suggestion because I really loved it. I stopped by and grabbed a quick meal - a cheeseburger and fries, then went for the dessert. If I would have known how big the cones really were, I probably would have skipped dinner and just had the ice cream.

Now Dave's Diner has hard ice cream and soft serve, with sizes from a small (or a sampler if you want to try a flavor) to their larges - which are gigantic! There is also a "Goliath" size for the hard ice cream, and it's their biggest size. I figured it wouldn't be THAT big, but I was so wrong!

While I enjoyed my ice cream (and made a wonderful mess everywhere), I watched as the parking lot would fill up. Apparently everyone knows about Dave's Diner, and knows that's the place to go to get great ice cream! I watched the line for cones grow, and even though that weather wasn't the best, tons of people were coming by to get some ice cream.


Dave's Diner was a great place to check out in my adventures of 'New to Naomi.' I can't wait to find more places like this - maybe take on other food challenges in the coming weeks!



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