Syracuse is full steam ahead for its football season in 2020--even if there won't be fans in the stands.

Unfortunately, on top of an empty Carrier Dome, various factors do not favor the Orange in many games, according to at least one piece of research from ESPN. The cable network's Football Power Index (FPI) uses offensive, defensive, and special teams statistics, in conjunction with other data like travel, rest, and home-field advantage to measure the strength of one team against another.

ESPN's FPI system is sometimes more accurate than the wagering lines established by Las Vegas oddsmakers. So, using the FPI, here's a game-by-game guide with the predicted chance for an Orange victory in each of its 11 games:

  • September 12, at University of North Carolina (12%)
  • September 19, at Pittsburgh (21%)
  • September 26, vs. Georgia Tech (37%)
  • October 10, vs. Duke (46%)
  • October 17, vs. Liberty (74%)
  • October 24, at Clemson (1%)
  • October 31, vs. Wake Forest (45%)
  • November 7, vs. Boston College (38%)
  • November 20, at Louisville (8%)
  • November 28, vs. North Carolina State (52%)
  • December 5, at Notre Dame (6%)

Bear in mind, just like investing in the stock market, past results are not always indicative of future results. Same goes for statistics, which Mark Twain liked to say was one of the three forms of a lie. So, don't necessarily take this info to the bank.

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