President Obama isn't waiting until he's on the campaign trail to speak to the people.

The Commander-in-Chief made some waves on his visit to Ireland when he grabbed a cell phone from someone in the crowd in Dublin and began talking to the person on the other end for about 15 seconds before handing the phone back and going about his business.

You're on the line with the most powerful man in the world -- what do you say? Do you ask him when this recession will end once and for all? Congratulate him on finally getting Osama bin Laden? Or, since he's a big hoops fan, maybe get his take on who he likes in the upcoming NBA Finals?

We think we'd be too flustered to say anything, knowing it's easier to get through to the president than it is to get a live person when calling any customer service number!

President Obama's decision to take the phone was his latest stab at fitting in with the people in Ireland. Earlier, he enjoyed some Guinness while visiting a pub.

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