Albuquerque Top-40 radio station KOB-FM made international news Friday after they aired an interview with President Barak Obama.  What was said that stirred up the controversy?

The hosts on the 'Morning Mayhem' program asked President Obama about what music is on his iPod when he works out, and how he feels about Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," a reference to this viral video mash-up.  They also asked whether he prefers red or green - a question only a New Mexican would get as restaurants there are known for serving food with either red or green chili sauce.

The questions are pretty innocuous but the Republican party has jumped on the interview and is using it as an attack ad questioning why the President is calling into morning radio shows rather then focusing on the economy.

UPDATE 9/13/12

The President made another call to morning radio today phoning in to Power 95.3 in Orlando.  The video of that call is here.

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