Gas prices aren't the only thing on the rise this fall and the jump couldn't have come at a worse time for us consumers.

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If you think you may've already noticed that the apples and apple cider at Price Chopper and all the area cider mills has seen an increase, you're not going crazy. This year's drought has caused a jump in price for these Fall Staples by around 25%

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Looking ahead to Thanksgiving which is just a month away you're going to have to shell out more change for your turkeys and stuffing. The gobblers are up by 8% from last year and your stuffing has gotten more expensive just a tad at 4%. I f this hits you in the pocketbook though, I see a ton of turkeys in the fields on my afternoon commute and all's you'd have to do is smack one with your car or sneak up behind one and kidnap the bugger, can't be too hard right? HA! All you hunters out there are prob gut-laughing at that!

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And of course those Halloween candies we're all hording up on for this weekend, candy corn and other candies which use corn oil have popped up by 3%. That may not seem like much but consider the volume of candy you'll be handing out and that can add up.

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The good news? Well, because pumpkins don't seem to need too much moisture to survive so they're staying right at the price-point that they were last year. So if you haven't carved one yet, head on out Critz Farms and grab one and turn it into a masterpiece without floating extra cash.