As if phone calls from debt collectors aren't bad enough, a proposed bill would let them contact you on social media.

Nobody likes to owe money, and phone calls reminding you to pay a debt just make you feel even worse - especially if you really can't afford to pay. Now, a proposed to change to the Fair Debt Collections Act would allow debt collectors to contact you on social media. The act hasn't been updated since 1977, before the invention of social media.

New York's Attorney General Letitia James is joining 28 other state's attorneys general in opposing the change to the act.

Imagine having a debt collector start messaging you on social media, or worse, using information they find there to help collect a debt. Maybe they notice you were out for drinks with friends and suggest you stop that and pay your bills. It could get ugly, with debt collectors commenting on F

No one really wants to be in debt, but social media is about sharing only what you want, not about being harassed over a debt.

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