The State Public Service Commission has begun the process of revoking Charter Communications right to provide service in New York State.

The PSC says the company, doing business as Spectrum Cable in New York, has failed to live up to the terms of its merger two years ago with Time-Warner Cable.

“Charter's repeated failures to serve New Yorkers and honor its commitments are well documented and are only getting worse. After more than a year of administrative enforcement efforts to bring Charter into compliance with the Commission’s merger order, the time has come for stronger actions to protect New Yorkers and the public interest,” said Commission Chair John Rhodes. “

Charter has been given 60 days to find a new cable provider to take over its New York operations.

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi has issued the following statement on the PSC's decision:
It’s high time New York cut the cord with Spectrum Cable and provided residents with more competition. Over the past several years, I have heard from literally hundreds of constituents who have called me and signed my online petition, and they are absolutely fed up.  They’ve had it with poor customer service; sudden surprise rate hikes they cannot afford; and promises that are not being kept by Spectrum. What is just as bad is that thousands of New Yorkers who are waiting for the broadband access Spectrum keeps advertising it is providing are still stuck with 20th Century technology. I am pleased that the PSC is taking these serious concerns to heart, and is looking out for the hundreds of thousands of Spectrum customers across the state being shortchanged when it comes to cable and Internet service."

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