Whether or not you enjoy USA's long-running con-man comedy 'Psych,' there's no denying its ridiculous reverence for all things '80s.  John Hughes' "Brat Pack" in particular has long been a target of 'Psych's endless references, from casting to conversation.  To date, they're just two actors shy of having featured all five major stars of 'The Breakfast Club,' now to be remedied with Anthony Michael Hall!  So what's the deal, Emilio Estevez?

Good news, Brat Packers!  Even though its seventh season has yet to set an official air-date, 'Psych' has your back with casting your 'Breakfast Club' favorites.  The latest?  According to TVLine, none other than Anthony Michael Hall!  Hall will take the role of Harris Trout, an "impeccably dressed and eccentric" police consultant whom the mayor recruits to make the Santa Barbara Police Department run more efficiently.

And in case it had to be spelled out for you, ol' Harris isn't too keen on that whole "psychic" thing.  We're guessing he's not a big fan of 'The Dead Zone,' either.

Hall marks the fourth member of 'The Breakfast Club' now to appear on 'Psych,' following turns from Molly Ringwald, Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson.  The only member left for a full house is Emilio Estevez, but something tells us we'd see him on 'Anger Management' just a bit sooner than that.

Well, what say you?  Even without the seventh season scheduled, are you excited to see another Brat Pack star on 'Psych?'  Who do you think should be next?

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