If you've been tuning into the "Workday Kickoff" with Naomi and I, there's a good chance you've heard me share my love for foods made with pumpkin. Here's a few of my favorites. 

Most people I chat with tell me that they either love or hate foods made with pumpkin. There seems to be no in between. These next three recipes are for those of you who are all about the pumpkin craze.

Pumpkin Chili

When the weather outside is chilly warm yourself up with chili; pumpkin chili that is. If the thought of adding pumpkin puree to an ordinary chili  frightens you or churns your stomach, consider the vast array of other spices that are typically incorporated into a chili recipe. Since cooking is all about contrasts, the slightly sweet puree balances well with the salty and spicy ingredients. CLICK HERE for an amazing pumpkin chili recipe.

Candied Pumpkin Seeds

One of my favorite childhood memories is carving out my Halloween pumpkin and then baking the seeds in the oven. I can still remember their unique aroma and one of a kind taste. If you enjoy snacking on sunflower seeds, you'll probably like the taste of these. In case you're concerned, my mom has been baking and serving pumpkin seeds for years and not one of her children has ever turned into the giant orange fruit. For toasted pumpkin seeds topped with a sweet glaze, TRY THESE delicious candied pumpkin seeds. I got the recipe from Taste of Home.

Pumpkin Soup

If a bowl of Butternut squash soup is one of your favorite fall foods, pumpkin soup may be the the next dish for you to try. Don't shriek at the thought of adding carrots and sage to this chilly weather meal. My favorite pumpkin soup recipe calls for pancetta but I usually use bacon instead. You heard me right, BACON!  Now I have your attention right? This is typically a fall or winter weather dish, but I enjoy it so much that I make it year round. CLICK HERE for the recipe.

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