A Central New York woman is facing charges after throwing a puppy from a second story window, and now donations are being sought for the puppy's medical care.

The 7-month-old puppy, now named Wrinkles, was thrown out a second story window in Canajoharie by Joanne Hoose. Hoose had been charged with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals. It was the quick thinking of a good Samaritan that ultimately saved the puppy's life, according to ABC News10.

Elizabeth Snyder saw the incident and quickly picked up the puppy. Wrinkles is now receiving care from the Montgomery County ASPCA, after the little guy suffered a fractured femur in a back leg, and multiple broken bones to his front legs. He will have surgery today.

Medical care for Wrinkles is expected to cost upwards of $5000, and the Montgomery County ASPCA is hoping to collect donations to offset the cost of the puppy's care. If you'd like to make a donation, visit their website at mc-spca.com/wp/ and click the donate button at the bottom of the page.


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