Well, we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves for finally looking up that Couch to 5k thing, but it’s going to take a little more than that to impress Phillippe Croizon. The quadruple amputee has made history by swimming intercontinental straits linking Oceania, Asia, Europe, America and Africa.

Croizon lost all of his limbs when he was severely electrocuted attempting to install a TV antenna on his roof in 1994. He was burned so badly all of his limbs had to be removed. Inspired by a video of a woman swimming the English Channel, Croizon thought he’d give that a shot, and thus was his massive goal, ‘Swimming Beyond Borders,’ conceived.

Accompanying Croizon on his journey was swimming partner Arnaud Chausserie. Together the two of them hope to bring able-bodied and people with disabilities together and prove that having a disability doesn’t have to stop you achieving what you want.” Goal = achieved. You can see more photos of Croizon’s amazing feat over on The Daily Mail.

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