This week on 'Ravenswood,' we find that poor little orphan Miranda isn't such a poor little orphan in death. She has finally reunited with her deceased parents, and they are more than ready to treat her to all of the things that she missed out on growing up (New clothes! A room of her own! Yay!). But it's more than just new clothes in her closet. Her parents are taking care of yet another ghost girl, this one an adorable little girl. Unfortunately, this girl doesn't want to play... she's got some seriously bad intentions for Miranda.

And that's when Caleb wakes up. He made contact with Miranda yet again through his dreams. This time, Luke, Olivia, and Remy are with him, sorting through old photographs given to Caleb by his relative, Henry. They find a letter from the “old” Caleb to the “old” Miranda. Turns out, the now-dead Caleb and Miranda were lovers (sorry, Hanna, doesn't bode too well for you). Caleb sifts through photos and finds something else -- a photo of the room that Miranda and her parents were in.

Luke confides in Olivia about his relationship issues with Remy, who is less-than-thrilled by Luke's presence since their fight last week. But Luke isn't the only twin with relationship issues -- Olivia has been ignoring her boyfriend, Dylan, in order to protect him from the pact. Good call, considering that the people who do know about it have a nasty habit of turning up dead.

Caleb helps out Collins in the morgue. Oh, hey, you know what's really terrifying? When people show up in the morgue after being literally scared to death. We're talking mouth agape, eyes of terror, totally dead. Eek. While Caleb looks obviously freaked out, Collins has been there, done that. (Definitely getting creeper vibes off this guy.)

Caleb goes to Ms. Grunwald and shows her the photograph. She tells Caleb that in order to find Miranda he should go where she most wanted to be -- with her parents, in their old house. Ms. Grunwald, who is totally willing to help out with all of all of Caleb's ghostly searches, hands him the address.

Meanwhile, Olivia and her boyfriend Dylan have a very boring conversation about how she hasn't “been around” as much. Dylan thinks that it's because she's made new friends (he's especially concerned about Caleb, because, well, wouldn't you be?) but she insists that Caleb isn't the issue. She enlists Dylan's help with some of the blueprints that Caleb's relative left for him. Olivia keeps it hush-hush as to exactly what significance the blueprints have, but Dylan is just happy to spend some time with his girl that he doesn't even question it.

Yay! Hanna is back! Kind of! Hanna calls Caleb and tells him that he just feels so “far away." She asks if Miranda is coming back home with Caleb. When he says no, Hanna is relieved... probably because she doesn't know that the only way that Miranda is going anywhere is in a body bag. Hanna tells Caleb that she made a reservation at the Ravenswood Inn so that she could come see him. Caleb says don't bother -- make one at the Rosewood Grill instead, because he's coming home.

But Caleb has some things to do before he leaves Ravenswood, and that includes contacting Miranda and warning her about the impending danger that the adorable six-year-old girl, Max, will bring onto her family. Caleb goes to sleep and finds Miranda in her dream bedroom. Miranda tells Caleb not to worry – she's happy, and that's all that matters. But Caleb isn't so sure. He reaches into her dream closet and finds a way to the forest. He tells Miranda to escape, but she won't. Instead, she invites Max to sleep in her room and shuts Caleb out. (Clearly, Miranda has never seen 'The Omen.')

Caleb isn't the only one having a disturbing dream cycle. After yet another sleepwalking session, Remy finds herself in the kitchen with a broken glass and a cut on her hand. She calls the twins and Caleb to come over and investigate the basement from the blueprints that were in Henry's package to Caleb. (Because what better thing to do in the middle of the night in a haunted town but explore abandoned basements, right?)

They find out that they are standing in the basement of the old Savings and Loan, a former bank. They look at the blueprints and find that there is a secret room that has been closed off. Luke takes a sledgehammer to a wall and attempts to break it down. But with all that they have seen in Ravenswood so far, nothing could prepare them for what they find: two decaying bodies, holding hands behind the wall. (Excuse me while I go scream.)

But there's something even creepier about the two skeletons behind the wall. (As if you needed another reason to be creeped out.) The two dead people? They locked themselves behind that wall in order to sacrifice themselves so that the original Miranda and original Caleb could come back to life and break the curse. If that's true... are Miranda and Caleb reincarnations of their 18th century selves? Caleb says no way -- his heart didn't go pitter-patter when he met Miranda on the bus! (He has a girlfriend, remember?) But Remy is quick to point out that there is a reason that Miranda can't move on. Could that reason be her connection to Caleb?

Caleb and Co. head to original Miranda's home to investigate. It's basically as eerie as you would imagine: cold, cobwebby, filled with spirits of the afterlife... you know the drill. And it's not just the house that's terrifying. In pops Max, the little girl ghost spending her afterlife with Miranda's family. Max, dressed in a (very chic) red coat and beret, tells Caleb that Miranda is “waiting." Then she sings 'Ring Around the Rosie,' as any evil ghost girl would.

Caleb, Remy, Luke and Olivia race up the stairs to find Miranda. They find her brushing her hair in a decrepit room. Caleb tells Miranda that she's not in heaven -- the little girl hijacked her thoughts, making her see what she wanted to see. And, sadly, Miranda's parents aren't with her, either. They are demons set out to hurt her. Miranda's mother comes up to her and tells her that she has to go with her now or they can never be together again. But Miranda has to ask her one more question: Does she remember that time she taught Miranda how to ride a bike? When her mother says “Yes, of course, big moment for you!” Miranda realizes the horrible truth: her parents were never with her.

This does not make the demons very happy, so they start to break down the house, bit by bit. Caleb runs towards the closet door and jumps, falling down onto the ground. Miranda wakes him, and Caleb realizes that they can feel one another. Miranda tells Caleb he has to go back to the land of the living. But Caleb tells Miranda that he thinks it feels right, being with her. She says that it can't feel right. At least, not yet. He touches her forehead, smiles, and is suddenly back in the hospital, getting his heart pumped back to life.

Standing in Caleb's hospital room are Olivia, Luke, Remy and Dylan. Dylan heads into the hospital and spots a girl in a red coat. But before we can say “NO DYLAN STAY AWAY FROM THE EVIL GHOST GIRL!” Dylan turns to the ghost girl and smiles. “After all we did to get them in that house...” And that's when we realize -- oh my God -- Olivia's boyfriend is totally evil. Evil! I didn't even think he served a purpose outside of making moony eyes at Liv, but I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. After all, boyfriends have a tendency to be secretly evil on ABC Family shows.

Will Liv discover her boyfriends' terrible secret? Will the five finally break the curse? Will Caleb break up with Hanna in order to be with a girl a little less, er, lively (let's hope not)? We'll have to wait til January to find out.