While driving through out the Utica, Rome and Upstate New York region, have you ever wondered if red light cameras were legal or illegal? We have the answer.

What Are The Laws On Traffic Cameras In New York State?

Honestly, this law is pretty easy to follow. Outside of New York City, traffic cameras are illegal.

Meanwhile, the use of red light cameras is permitted in New York cities with over one million people and where put in place by local ordinance."

According to Scott Russell Law, under New York State law, traffic cameras get interesting. For example, traffic cameras that clock speeding is only permitted in school zones. Meanwhile, red light cameras are only permitted in New York cities with over one million people and where put in place by local ordinance. Counties and towns around the state can still implement traffic camera programs, but that is up to local jurisdiction.

One local government that has approved red light cameras is Suffolk County, New York.

So, if you see them on roads in Utica, Rome, Central New York, The Mohawk Valley, or honestly any where in Upstate New York......these cameras are illegal.

Are There Cameras On Roads In Upstate New York?

According to the handy website photoenforced.com, there aren't a whole lot of traffic cameras near us. This website shows Red Light, Speed, Traffic, Stop Sign, School, LPR Cameras all across the world. For Upstate New York, the only cameras listed are toll cams all across the thruway, and 3 license plate cameras near Onedia.

What Is the Fine for Tickets from Traffic Cameras?

What's nice is that New York State has made sure to limit the fines and punishment from these tickets. A violation of New York’s few speeding cameras and limited red light cameras results in a $50 fine and 0 points on your license.

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