Mistresses run amuck on this latest episode of 'Reign.'

First, Pagans attack the carriage of Francis’s ex-lover Olivia, back to French court because her reputation with the prince has broke up her engagement. Mary tries to be open-minded about the whole thing, even after Bash admits that Francis had feelings for the oddly-accented blond beauty. But after Olivia rudely confronts our petite Queen (while borrowing a dress, no less), saying she’s going to get Francis back, Mary is like, get that B-word out of court! Francis plays the good boy for a hot minute, but Olivia’s offer of basically whatever he wants from her seems to tempt him, especially after her plans to leave for Paris mysteriously fall through.

Yes, I mentioned Pagans. I’ll get to that in a mo’.

Second in mistress territory, Greer still has eyes for the dreamy kitchen boy, but to make any moves would ruin her reputation and prevent a good marriage to the boring pepper lord who has come a-courting. To protect her virtue, Greer cuts ties for good.

Thirdly, that new bobble around Kenna’s neck used to belong to Queen Catherine, and Mary’s future mother-in-law is all too happy to point out the royal affair that’s happening right under their noses. Instead of being pissed at Kenna, Catherine uses the information to pull a “look into your future! A future full of MISTRESSES I.E. OLIVIA!” card, prompting Mary to get drunk at the Harvest festival, confront Francis, and then finally -- FINALLY -- kiss Bash. Immediately she says it was a mistake. Not for the audience, Queenie!

Sadly, Francis sees them and walks off arm in arm with Olivia, which is a bitchy move. Mary is full of regret, even after launching her little “regret” ship into the pond at the never ending Harvest Festival. Will she ever be able to repair her delicate relationship with Francis? One good thing to come of the event: Greer decides that regrets are bad and makes out with KB (kitchen boy). No one must ever know!

Anyway, the Pagans. Yes. They live in the wood… sorry, the blood wood… and sacrifice humans to honor a cave creature that lives in a cave. Or so claims Nostradamus. Apparently, because Bash cut down Colin (COLIN WILL NEVER DIE! Or at least his storyline won't) and now the driver of Olivia’s carriage, he’s interrupted the sacrifice and the Pagan’s are going to come after him. And do they ever! Well, one redheaded guy sitting very casually on a ledge shows up in the night and tells Bash that he owes them a sacrifice before diving to his death because he’s “been seen.”

All in all, a pretty good Harvest Festival.

Oh, lord, also, Queen Catherine is behind Olivia showing up in court and wants her to get pregnant by Francis. Also, Mary suspects this and has triple crossed Catherine by letting her think that Aylee is spying for her. For Catherine. On Mary. You know what I’m saying. Damn, Nostradamus couldn’t figure out this plot.