It's hard to imagine that before 'The Walking Dead' shot to fame, Capcom's 'Resident Evil' franchise helped spark the pop culture revival of the undead. Now, while a sixth film in the divisive video game horror franchise remains in limbo, German production house Constantin claims to be developing a 'Resident Evil' TV series for the future.

Few details were available on the proposed 'Resident Evil' TV series by the time of Variety's article on the matter, though the adaptation would likely follow the 6th film in the franchise, which remains in the writing phase, for the moment. Given the convoluted continuity of the Milla Jovovich film franchise, as well the overall game storyline at large, one imagines a 'Resident Evil' series might look to keep things a bit simpler, and more accessible to fans.

Constantin has also begun development of a 'Mortal Instruments' TV series, to continue the theatrical failure of 'City of Bones,' though as with 'Resident Evil,' it remains to be seen if either TV adaptation would borrow the plot, or potentially characters and stars of its predecessors.

Keep in mind that these kinds of talks are hardly uncommon, and we've heard similar development claims from the likes of properties like 'Sin City,' without any real follow-up on their prospects, but what do you think? Were Constantin to move forward with a 'Resident Evil' TV series, how would you like to see it handled with regard to the franchise?

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