If you're brave enough, try this Zombie Zip Line tour - where you'll soar 70 feet above the ground in complete darkness - stalked by the undead. This terror awaits you just an hour from Utica.

The Zombie Zip is a creation of Mountain Ridge Adventure park, located in Schenectady. They caution riders: this experience is not for the faint of heart, and kids under 14 are not allowed.

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"Your nightmare begins with a corpse-guided tour along a serial killer infested forest to then be hauled into the trees among complete, utter horror. Once in the trees you will be launched in complete darkness … alone, afraid and vulnerable … along a screaming steel cable hundreds of feet along Mountain Ridge Adventure’s awesome Zip Line Park." If that sounds fun to you...read on.

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(Photo by Raphael Dias/Getty Images)

You'll progress through Mountain Ridge's 10 zip lines, getting more and more terrified as you go. (Honestly, ziplining in pitch darkness sounds scary enough - the zombies just take the whole thing up a level.) The final zip line is 70 feet above the ground.

Tickets for the event are $50 each, and come with a warning: "This is not your Disney horror show. This is the real deal and will scare the **** out of you!"

If you're ready to test your mettle, you can make your reservations HERE. The Zombie Zip happens every Friday and Saturday in October from 7PM - 10PM.

If this is too scary, but you're ready to zip line without the zombies and in daylight, you can get all the details at mountainridgeadventure.com

Are you ready to try this?

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