Once believed to be close to death after slipping into a coma, the Bee GeesRobin Gibb is recovering enough that he has begun to think about learning to walk again. The singer, who emerged from a coma earlier this month after his doctors told his family that he had days left to live, is eager to try to resume as normal a life as possible.

Robin’s wife Dwina told Hello! magazine (via Contact Music), “He can’t wait to go out into the garden with our dogs, Ollie and Missie. But it’s going to be a long time before he’s strong enough to do that. After being fed through a drip and lying in the same position for days, he has to learn to eat and walk again. We know he’s very strong, though — he has faced death and conquered it.”

Gibb developed pneumonia while battling cancer and intestinal issues, but Dwina and Gibb’s family did not give up hope even after he lost consciousness. “The doctors were astounded,” she said. “They kept shaking their heads in disbelief. They’d tried everything in their power to bring Robin back and when it didn’t work their prognosis was bleak. They didn’t think he was going to make it and warned us to prepare for the worst.”

Gibb, whose vocals helped make the Bee Gees one of the top-selling vocal groups of the 20th century, underwent emergency intestinal surgery back in 2010 but recovered and began performing again. We wish him the best in recovering from this latest medical event.

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