It's the season of college graduations all across New York State. Which city in New York is the best for college grads to begin their careers?

Stacker analyzed data from the Labor Department, Census Bureau, and Apartment List to find which metro areas across America are the best for recent college graduates to start their careers.

To be included, each metro needed a large share of residents with advanced degrees and a 2021 unemployment rate lower than or equal to the national average, which was 5.3%. Housing costs for young adults also had to be more affordable than the national average, measured as the ratio of the median income of households headed by people under 25 to the typical rent for a one-bedroom apartment.

With these factors in the spotlight, the metros on this list have stronger job markets and lower costs of living than major cities like New York City, Chicago, LA, or Atlanta.

Which New York City Made The List For College Grads?

Only one New York State city made the list. That was Rochester New York at #12:

- Median income of households headed by people under 25: $38,984
- Median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment: $1,017
- Unemployment rate: 4.9%

According to Stacker, Rochester has a low unemployment rate and cost of living compared to other parts of the state. Its economy is based right now on technology, the education sector, nd more. Major employers in Rochester include Paychex, Bausch & Lomb, Kodak, and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Despite its cold climate, Rochester has plenty of natural beauty. The town is often called the "Flower City," thanks to its year-round blooms, and it's just a short drive from the famous Niagara Falls."

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