We aren't here to argue whether or not dragons were real. We are here to show you some interesting data, that dragons may consider this Upstate New York city a cozy home.

ShaneCo.com put together a ranking of "The Best U.S. Cities to Be a Dragon." How did they come up with this answer? They took a look at the top 100 cities in the country then looked at factors like the following: how dragons would favor areas of high elevation, cities with higher population density, fewer physically active people, tons of cattle per capita, and more homes without basements for people to hide in.

Fire-breathing dragons would want to avoid areas with too many fire departments and military bases because they would stop the dragon from wreaking havoc. They are also said to hoard treasure, so cities with plenty of pawn shops and jewelry stores per capita are favored on our list."

From this study, it looks like American dragons would live more on the West coast of the United States. New York might not be the perfect home. The study found higher elevations and large parkland areas of cities like Albuquerque, New Mexico; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Provo, Utah, create the ideal dragon habitat.

Surprisingly, one Upstate New York city did make the Top 15.

Rochester New York Came In At Number 14 On The List

Yes, Rochester is number 14. The home of the garbage plate might be the home of the Dragon garbage plates. Rochester had a high score of jewelry stores, elevation was decent, and the population density scored pretty well.

You can check out the full rankings of US cities online here.

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