The GE Appliances campaign, Our American Kitchen, is featuring Maryann Mazzafero, best known around Rome as 'The Cookie Lady.'

The GE Appliances series showcases stories that put cooking at the heart of American life.

In the story shared as part of the Our American Kitchen series, Maryann says

I enjoy cooking but there’s just something about baking. My mother always had cookies in the kitchen. I remember coming home from school and, before I went to do my homework, there would be cookies for me. They were there for the family. I have a vision of my mom standing by the oven, mixing up those soft, chewy cookies with her wooden spoon, the one I have now in my kitchen.

When I retired, I started devoting more time to baking, using my mother’s cookie recipe. My husband John was in politics and I would go with him on the things he did here in Rome and give out cookies. I got a tremendous amount of self-satisfaction from seeing joy in other people through something that I was doing.

In the video produced at various locations around the city, Maryann is shown, along with her husband John in places you'll recognize like the old City Hall, police station and walking down James Street.

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