The Rome Police Department helped one young man pull off a surprise his girlfriend will probably never forget.

Brandon and his girlfriend Makayla were driving in Rome, when two officers pulled them over into the parking lot of a shopping center. When the officer approaches the car he says he's there to investigate a complaint of "possible verbal dispute between a male and a female."

The officer then asks Brandon to get out of the car, while the other officer asks Makayla to do the same. When she does, she walks around the car to Brandon down on one knee. Makayla says when they were pulled over, "I was scared out of my mind. I had no idea what was going on."

Credit: Rome Police Department

Once Brandon pops the question, it's clear the answer is "YES" - Brandon and Makayla embrace - and start their own "happily ever after" with a great story, thanks to the Rome Police Department. And look at that gorgeous ring!

Credit: Makayla Branson

If you can get through this video without getting teary eyed,'re stronger than we are. Check out the whole proposal, right here.