marriage proposal

Dream Wedding In A Day
I just got on one knee with a rose...lame. Most of us guys can't compete with this, but you've got to admit, you wish you did something really special when purposing, don't ya? And how did he find the time to book the venue, DJ, photography, marriage officiant, food, flowers, limo, guest list, the w…
Man Proposes With Boy Band Video
This guy definitely went to a lot of trouble to propose to his girlfriend. He wrote a song, made a music video, flew her to Australia and arranged to have it played at the end of another video at a giant party with all of his friends. Sincerely, how would you say no to that?
Live Lip Dub Proposal to ‘I Think I Want to Marry You’ [VIDEO]
A woman starts planning her wedding day when she's young.  She dreams of the big white dress, the flowers, the groom, the location and the attention the day brings her.  She also dreams of how her prince charming will pop the question. Lately, it seems the wedding proposal are becoming more elaborat…

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