If you've ever wanted to walk through thousands of big, beautiful sunflowers you'll want to make your way to Wagner Farms in the next few days.

You've probably seen the photos posted on Facebook - hundreds upon hundreds of sunflowers, fields just filled with yellows and oranges, and you get to walk through them, right in our area. I'm talking about Wagner Farms in Rome.

Unfortunately, if you've been wanting to experience all these sunflowers for yourself, you're a little late... But not TOO late. As long as you make a trip over there in the next few days.

Wagner Farms announced on their Facebook Page last night (Sunday, August 12th), that the fields are just about done. They did mention in the post that it doesn't cost $5 anymore to park and go through the fields, they ask that you pay what you feel is fair. They also thanked all the visitors for coming to the sunflower fields in their post, saying:

We THANK EVERYONE who has been here over the last 3 weeks. With over 12,000 customers/visitors our farm remain clean and neat. THANK YOU!.

I'm MORE than bummed out that I just learned about Wagner Farms in the last week. But now I know for next summer, so I can make it to the sunflower fields during its peak time. Hopefully you had gotten the chance to see it, or can make it there in the next few days.

Although the sunflower fun may be coming to an end, Wagner Farms is still open with fresh produce and other goodies available for purchase. The farm is open everyday from 9am to 9pm, except Friday (closed that day). Wagner Farms is also open throughout the fall and into the winter, and right now they're working on getting plans together for fall wagon rides and other Halloween-themed fun.

Until next sunflower season, Wagner Farms...




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