When Steve Townsend let people know in the Facebook Group "People and Place of Rome" that two lifeguards from the YMCA in Rome had come to the rescue of a young boy who had been injured nobody really seemed surprised. Comments flooded in below the post with nothing but positive words about all the lifeguards and staff. There are two in particular that deserve a little extra credit for their quick efforts.

After an injury sustained in the pool area of the YMCA in Rome. A young man fell to the bottom of the pool and everyone began to panic. Not these two young professionals. Keeping their cool they dove in and did wha they had to do. They were able to successfully stabilize the child until paramedics arrived. The names of these two reliable employees have not yet been released, but whoever they are they deserve to be recognized. If you know who the guards were on duty that day please let us know at 736-0104 or by emailing andy@bigfrog104.com.

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