Thousands of drivers use this road everyday, and route 825 through Griffiss business park in Rome is undergoing major reconstruction.  Once completed, the entire length of the road will be widened to four lanes, with 2 roundabouts being added.  That should eliminate the long traffic backups that now happen at the intersections of the highway.

google maps

One of those roundabouts will replace the traffic light where the highway meets Floyd Ave and Brooks Road.  The other will replace the stop sign at the intersection of 825 and Hangar Road.  The blue line on the map shows where the road is being redone.


According to the, the project will be completed by October of 2018.  A story published at says the roadways could be open to drivers as early as this fall.  Other aspects of the project include a new paved trail on the south side of the road, with a new sidewalk on the north side.  There will also be landscaping added to the area.