Many people don’t like Roseanne Barr, but she cracks me up. I love watching Roseanne and grew up watching it. But I guess she is claiming her neighbors slaughtered her goats as part of a campaign of terror.

Barr (who lives on a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii) filed a request for a restraining order against her neighbor Roree Oehlman and her husband Richard.  According to TMZ she filed this claiming the couple has had it out for Rosie since she moved in.

Roseanne claims the problems began from the moment she moved in when her neighbors declared they don't want any "Kaballah studying [that means Jewish) people here on the Big Island."

Roseanne claims one morning she found two of her four goats had been killed and shortly after Rosie discovered the bodies, her neighbor allegedly told Roseanne's son-in-law, "That's what happens when you piss people off."

Rosie wants a judge to ban the couple from getting anywhere near her property or contacting any member of her family.