If you love the atmosphere a diner can give you, you'll have another option here in Central New York. Introducing Rosie's Diner of Oriskany.

According to the Rome Sentinel, Katherine “Rosie” Stevens opened the doors to Rosie's with the help of her husband, Rob, and their two daughters:

Expect to be greeted by the customary “lunch counter” with one or two solo diners on the stools in front of it and a team of waitresses buzzing between “order ups” and hot coffee behind it."

Katherine is a Central New York native, born in Bridgewater. She moved to New York Mills 25 years ago, where she and her husband made a home for their two daughters. Rosie describes herself as a “baker’s daughter,” growing up around her family-run business, and credits that with her passion for food.


“EVERYTHING was ALWAYS made from scratch,” Rosie remembers. “Watching them put the extra love and ingredients into things … you could definitely taste the difference.”

Rosie’s Oriskany Diner is located at 8404 NY State Route 69, Oriskany. They can be reached at 315-790-5395. They can also be found and followed via their Facebook page. Currently, on Facebook they do have their full menu posted, and of course that is subject to change with new items being added.

Their current hours as of right now are Wednesday through Saturday, 7AM - 2PM, lunch begins at 11AM. Breakfast is served all day for those that want breakfast outside of breakfast time. Sunday hours are 7AM - noon with breakfast only being served.

Take a look at some of their dishes:

Take A Look At Some Of The Dishes From Rosie’s Diner Of Oriskany

If you love the atmosphere a diner can give you, you'll have another option here in Central New York. Introducing Rosie's Diner of Oriskany. Here's a look at some of their amazing dishes:

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