Just one more day before the eyes of the world will be watching Prince William and Kate Middleton exchange their vows.  Some Britons are making bets on all sorts of things relating to the wedding and bookmakers are expecting a big windfall from all these royal wedding bets.  After all, it's the biggest non-sporting event to happen in Britain for quite a while.  So what are some of the things being bet on? 

These are a few of the more popular bets being waged:

What color will Queen Elizabeth wear?

Will Kate dump William at the altar?

How long will Kate make William wait at the altar?

Will Kate's father cry as he walks her down the aisle?

Will Prince Harry try to catch the bouquet?

When Kate and William appear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, will he kiss her on the lips or the cheek?

Will William and Kate's car break down oustide Westminster Abbey?

Will Prince Harry be sober when he delivers the best man's speech?

I'm sure the Queen wouldn't appreciate that last one!