More than halfway through May and spring has finally come to Central New York, and so has our intern Carl Neff (pictured with us), following his first year at SUNY-Oswego. Meanwhile, our thoughts turned to food etiquette (we sure do talk about food a LOT), a new way to live longer (allegedly), and lies and liars and the lying lies they lie about.

Plus, of course, we covered the latest Royal Wedding in our own unique way, so click above to listen to the week's highlights and/or follow along below to the blow-by-blow description of the top 5 from The Best of Beth & Dave for the week of May 21, 2018:

1. The Royal Wedding. Harry and Meghan. Beth gushing her approval, as usual, for the British, while Dave took a slightly more realistic view of the whole thing.

2. A lying medical professional from Central New York made some news. And we turned it into a great topic about the biggest lies you've ever told or heard.

3. Leaving your shoes at the doorstep can increase your longevity. Interesting scientific study, according to Dave; Fake News, according to Beth.

4. The Kinda Hard Question. This week our daily 7:05 feature featured a surprise animal participant on the phone.

5. Eating pizza with a fork. Beth and Dave disagreed on this important point of etiquette.


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