Santa Claus is coming to town for social distance visits this holiday season.

Just like everything else in 2020, visits will Santa will look a little different this year. The kids may have to tell Santa what they want for Christmas virtually or from a distance thanks to COVID-19.

Malls across America are making plans to have social distancing Santa visits for the holiday season. Some malls will offer Zoom calls with Santa while others will still do in-person visits during the coronavirus pandemic.

Santa and all guests will be required to wear masks. Kids won't be allowed to sit on Santa's lap and instead will sit six feet away on wrapped gifts or benches. Some malls plan to place Santa inside a giant snow globe while others will place him behind a giant plexiglass picture frame, according to CNN.

Plans are still be worked out on how to have a safe Santa visit this holiday season at Sangertown Square Mall in New Hartford and Destiny USA in Syracuse.

Look on the bright side. Santa won't have to worry anyone peeing in his lap or controlling screaming kids who are only there because their parents want a picture.

Instead of a visit with Santa looking like this....


This year it may look more like this......with masks of course.


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