One of those who did not get an invite to the royal wedding last month of  Prince William and Kate Middleton was Sarah Ferguson.  Was she hurt by the snub?  Yes, she was. 

Sarah sat down with Oprah yesterday and told her how  difficult it was  not getting invited to the wedding.  She said she wanted to be there with her daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, helping them get ready and go to the church as a family.   Instead, they attended the wedding with her ex-husband Prince Andrews.   Since Sarah couldn't go to the wedding,  she headed to Thailand, where  she told Oprah "the jungle embraced her."  Sarah knows a thing or two about walking down the aisle of Westminster Abbey.  She married Prince Andrew there in 1986 and says that's another reason why it was so hard to be given the royal wedding  snub.   In a way, though, she was at the wedding.   Prince Andrew had a picture of her in his pocket.   Her daughter's hats certainly received alot of attention at the wedding.  People are still talking about them!  Sarah will have her own show on Oprah's OWN network, called "Finding Sarah."  It debuts next month.

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