Sarah Jessica Parker was a hero for single New York City women during Sex and the City's six-season run, but that doesn't mean she fancies herself a feminist symbol.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, for which SJP covers the August issue, the actress says she sides with many feminist values—equal pay and sick leave with compensation, among them—but she insists she's not an avowed f-word.

"...I'm a humanist—I'm enormously appreciative of the work that my mother's generation did," she told the magazine. "We are the beneficiaries of a lot of disappointment, heartache, discouragement and misunderstanding. But I see a lot of people trying to sort out their roles. People of color, gays, lesbians, and transgenders who are carving out this space. I'm not spitting in the face or being lazy about what still needs to be done—but I don't think it's just women anymore."

And on the topic of disappointment, SJP has formally apologized for leading die-hard SATC fans on with an Instagram photo that seemed to confirm a third follow-up movie was on the way.

"When I posted that picture and people were in a rage at me, I was shocked." she shared. "They were convinced I had been taunting them. I'm not that clever! And to what end would I relish dangling this idea and then saying there's no movie?"

Think she's bluffing, and that Carrie Bradshaw still has another story to tell? Be sure to pick up a copy of the August Cosmopolitan issue for more from her interview.

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