It's the Throwback Thursday of all Throwback Thursdays. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar sent us back to the late '90s and the early '00s when she tweeted a pic of herself and her former 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' co-stars Michelle Trachtenberg and Seth Green on set of her new show 'The Crazy Ones.'

See, we told you, in the name of all this is holy (water), this is the best TBT moment of the young year. (You can see what comes in close second by clicking the blue button below the tweeted photo.)

The former castmates, who started that whole vampire craze that has gone on to dominate this new decade, posed for this adorable snap -- and it leaves us yearning for the days when Buffy ruled Sunnydale High. It makes us miss Angel and Faith, and Willow, too. See what you did, SMG!

So fans of the series, please, enjoy the pic below and bask in the glory of Dawn, Oz and Buffy.

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