Oh, how we love little bits of home town history here at Lite 98.7!

Just in time for Father's Day, the Saranac Brewery Shop has released a limited edition camo stein that you can gift to the dad in your life. Or, it could also be the perfect gift for someone you know who is/has been in the military as it is the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

The camo stein is the fourth of a collection of cone top steins that the Brewery Shop has produced. The other cone top steins are red, white and blue and are also available for purchase. The really cool thing is, this camo one resembles an important piece of history.

The Olive Drab can that was produced in the mid 40’s were distributed to soldiers. That's what the steins are made to look like. Cans were generally sent from local breweries to troops who hailed from that region to boost morale.

They actually SENT OUT these drabs full of Utica Club to those who were serving on the line FROM THE UTICA AREA. How cool is that?

You can get one of these bad boys in store at the Brewery Shop. It retails at $89.99 and is limited edition- limited as in only 600 have been produced. The item is a not only collectible but also functional, you can and should drink Utica Club from it!

Lite 98.7 has your chance to WIN one of the 600 limited edition camo steins from the Brewery Shop. Just register below - and we'll select one winner at random on Friday, June 14.

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