Sawyer Fredericks Coming To Utica To Help Veterans
In the Spring of 2015 a star was born out of Fultonville, NY. Teenager and timid musician auditioned for, powered his way through the battle and knockout rounds, and took home the honor of winning on the NBC hit series, 'The Voice.' Now, Sawyer Fredericks is bringing his talents back to Ut…
Brindisi Honors Rome Native and Former Tuskegee Airman
One of the bravest group of soldiers to ever defend our nation are the Tuskegee Airmen. They flew and fought in many dangerous battles, all with the thought of friends, family, and fellow Americans in their hearts. Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi and his colleagues honored a few of the surviving member…
Help A Soldier Call Home for Free This Christmas
One of the most important things for a soldier deployed overseas is constant contact and communication with their family and loved ones. It may be the only relief they have from the stress and trauma of being in combat or in difficult situations. That is why Senator Joe Griffo and AT&T …
1 In 3 Adults Too Fat To Enlist
The United State's growing obesity problem is causing significant recruiting problems for the military. According to a report issued on Wednesday by a group of retired military leaders, one in three young adults nationwide are considered too fat to enlist.

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