It will ALMOST be October when Saranac kicks off the season with Octoberfest - a celebration of their German roots and a time to savor our favorite time of the year.

Andrew Derminio/TSM

Thursday (9/28/17) is National Drink Beer Day but if you can wait til Saturday you can get a great selection of beer along with some awesome traditional German food at the F.X. Matt Brewery.

The Annual Octoberfest Pary is held in the Saranac Courtyard, but what makes this different than Saranac Thursday - this event takes place under a big-top tent. Whatever happens with the weather, Octoberfest will go on. They will even have heaters under the tent if it gets that cold.

In addition to the food and award winning beers, there will be Octoberfest games and activities, including a stein hoisting competition. There will also be live music by Our Common Roots.

Roger Jegg/ThinkStock

Admission to Octoberfest is just $5 and you can get them at the Brewery gift shop, or at the gate on Saturday. It's September 30, 2017 from 4-8pm.