It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to look good. Woman definitely have it better off today than ever before. Don't believe it? Well you will after reading this.

These are things that women in the past would do in order to look good according to Yahoo Shine:

Red Hair at Any Cost- During the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1558 to 1603), women in England wanted her royal red hair color and stopped at nothing to achieve it. They mixed lead, quicklime and sulfur to dye their hair and wigs. Unfortunately, this mixture commonly caused nausea, headaches and regular nosebleeds.

Wig Maintenance - In the 18th century big wigs were in. Women used lard to hold the hair sculptures firmly in place. The lard, then, attracted lice and other vermin. Often, cages were set over women's heads at night to keep the rats at bay.

Anti-Aging Baths- Women in ancient Greece filled their baths with crocodile poop because they believed it would slow down the aging process.

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What's the weirdest beauty tip you've ever tried?