Maybe growing up your mother, sister, grandmother, and teacher told you things that cause wrinkles, and pimples. found three old wives tales that just aren't true.

1) Eating chocolate or greasy food makes you break out. There's nothing in a candy bar or slice of pizza that's going to make zits suddenly pop up. The only foods that may make acne worse are those with a lot of iodine like sushi, shellfish and soy sauce.

2) Dry skin causes wrinkles. Wrinkles form when collagen breaks down far below the surface, which is caused by sun exposure. Moisturizers can improve the appearance of lines by plumping up the dry skin around them, but this is temporary. If you want to prevent wrinkles, use a moisturizer with sunscreen and vitamin C.

3) Cold water shrinks your pores. Not much can change your pore size. Cold water constricts blood vessels, so skin feels tighter. But to make pores look smaller, keep them clean with salicylic acid and wear sunscreen!

What are some beauty tips you may have?