This historic lighthouse situated in Verona Beach looks awesome when it's seen through the lens of a drone.

There's something special and sentimental about lighthouses, and thankfully for us, we have one located less than half an hour away from Utica. It's the Verona Beach Lighthouse, and it's beautiful.

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The Verona Beach Lighthouse was constructed in 1917 by a company out of Buffalo, and its main is to safeguard travel along the 22-mile long lake. The light is maintained by the New York State Canal Corporation.

The Verona Beach Lighthouse stands 85 feet tall, and was originally lit up with 1500 candles. Eventually the lights were converted to electricity, and it's still in use today.

If you'd like to come see it for for yourself, it's located at 2454 4th Avenue, Verona Beach. It's open Monday-Friday but is closed on the weekend.

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