There's less than a month until Christmas. Many people have taken the past couple of days to get their shopping done (I'll be doing that tonight with it being Cyber Monday and all.) There's been deals all over the place, in stores and on the internet.

Many argue that Christmas is one of the holidays that has become super commercialized. Well, one school in England is standing behind that claim. So much so, they are "banning" Christmas.

Students at Lady Lumley's School in Pickering, North Yorks were told this week that the true meaning of Christmas has been "lost and buried under the avalanche of commercialization." No gifts, no cards, no Christmas activities are allowed until the children provide "persuasive arguments" regarding the real meaning of the holiday. They were told they must write to their religious education teacher to plead for the celebration to be brought back.

Headteacher Richard Bramley said, according to Fox News: “In assemblies this week, Mrs. Paul, one of our teachers of RE, spoke about Christmas and whether the message of Christmas has been lost and buried under an avalanche of commercialization. Christmas is a day celebrating the birth of Jesus and should be a time of goodwill to all, yet it can be a very stressful, expensive, argumentative and lonely time. Mrs. Paul read out a letter from Father Christmas and cited the example of Christmas cards which bear no relation to the origin or meaning of Christmas but carry symbols we now recognize as associated with the holiday season, e.g Santa Claus who, in his modern incarnation, was probably invented by the Coca Cola company!"

The reception has been mixed among parents and students with the ban being taken badly by some. Many people took to Twitter to share their reactions. Some did not agree. Some agreed completely.

Student have until November 30th to explain to their teacher why they should be able to celebrate.

What is your take on this? If Christmas was banned from schools in Central New York for this same reason - would you agree or disagree?

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