It was less than one week ago that the internet was sufficiently creeped out by the series of images posted on Imgur then shared on reddit of a home with a hidden staircase off the master bedroom that reveled a creepy crawlspace with evidence that someone had been living there. The original poster has shared an update on what's been happening with the investigation.

TwoBiteBrownie said recently on Imgur:

I left to go to a friends house, while the police investigated my house. They found nobody there. They have told us that the person was only living there temporarily, which doesn't make that much sense to me. But apparently, he would come in for periods of time, then leave for a while. They determined this because of the lack of supplies, and forensicy thingies, i'm not a cop. The police also said that they are going to keep a city wide search for whoever was living here, although they don't think they will find him. They sent in DNA to the lab, but the test will likely come back with no matches in a few weeks.There were no other entrances to the secret passage, therefore the person would have been using my parents' bedroom to access it. The walls are incredibly soundproof, which is probably how we didn't even notice. We were cleared to move back in today, but obviously we're not staying, just as a precaution in case he or she comes back. My parents said that I was never allowed back in there again, and believe me, I tried. They actually went inside and boarded the whole place up. The police took all his stuff away, so I can't include any pictures of that.

Note: The formatting of the full text update looks odd with the imgur embedding, read the full update plus TwoBiteBrownie answers frequently asked questions here.

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