In the real world, there are winners and losers, and everyone doesn't get a trophy--those have to be EARNED. The great circle of life presents itself on a daily basis, in a myriad of ways. Maybe none more compelling than the Central New York scene captured by Canastota's Karen Fay Teachout.

The photo that she snapped Saturday, April 14, 2018 at Oneida Lake makes a proud eagle look like it's auditioning for a Captain Morgan rum ad, as it poses with its catch of the day:

Credit: Karen Fay Teachout

Awesome picture. The "after" shot. But, the "before" pic is even better. Karen took an incredible action shot just moments earlier (below), as the eagle snatched its lunch and made its clean getaway. The fish appears to be screaming for help at the instant it realizes that its time has come.

Credit: Karen Fay Teachout

Great timing by Karen, who used a Panasonic hybrid camera for the dramatic shot. Feel free to provide a caption.