Take a walk on the wild side and see the world the way the wild does on the new 'Wild Walk' in the Adirondack forests. It's a 1,250 foot trail across the treetops in Tupper Lake.

Wild Walk is designed to transform the way you see into the natural world by offering the perspective of the rest of nature. The Wild Walk experience includes a four-story twig tree house and swinging bridges,

The Wild Center

Hang out in the spider’s web.

The Wild Center

There’s even a full-sized bald eagle’s nest at the highest point where you can perch and just imagine.

The Wild Center

“It’s surprising when you get up there to suddenly see things in a way you’ve never seen before,” said Derek Prior, who led the graphics team for the project. “It’s not that you might have never climbed a tree, or looked out a window at a scene, it’s simply that walking along the treetops in a place you have never been, and because of that, you just see everything in a different light, and can start to imagine how our regular point of view, that seemed pretty big, is really just fractional.”

Take a virtual tour before Wild Walk opens July 4th in the Wild Center.

Wild Center members can preview Wild Walk from Saturday, June 27th, through Friday, July 3rd. Wild Walk opens to the public on July 4, 2015

Get More details at WildCenter.org.

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