With so many different types of Christmas trees, it can be difficult picking out the perfect one. Michael Joseph from North Star Orchard talks about several traditional types of fresh cut Christmas trees grown in CNY. 

The most popular type of Christmas trees is the Balsam Fir, The Douglas Fir and the Fraser Fir. Michael from North Star Orchards gives some helpful information so you can make the right choice.

Michael says:

The Balsam and Frasier are the most popular sellers...Balsam is more fragrant...Frasier has a stiffer branch with a blue undercoat. Both hold their needles really well, but the Frasier Fir is by far superior...With regular watering, these trees can last a long time...Douglas Fir is the true old-fashioned Christmas tree that a lot of people grew up with...These trees do not stand up as well as the Frasier and Balsam trees.

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