When RockMafia hinted that Selena Gomez would be back to music soon, it looks like they were on to something. Whether or not she’s hitting the studio, Gomez is indeed promoting her music more than ever. Following performances on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ the former Disney darling released a second video for her hit ‘Hit the Lights.’

The new clip features a lot of the elements and scenes from her previous ‘Hit the Lights’ clip from November, including the outdoor sparkler and flashlight scenes, an indoor scene with a disco ball and her trademark clip with the zillions of pink balloons.

Depending on how technical you want to get, fans may consider it the third video for ‘Hit the Lights,’ as a remix video was released in February.

The new video focuses more on a nighttime dance, party vibe than the carefree daytime fun of the first. Instead of racing through fields and smashing pumpkins, Gomez and Co. speed through the bright lights of the city at night and club hop. Perhaps the more adult fun is reflective of Gomez — and her fans — growing up.

Watch the Second Selena Gomez ‘Hit the Lights’ Video