Selena Gomez is promoting her edgy new film 'Spring Breakers' and took some time to cross-promote her upcoming album, revealing some of her new'ish influences.

The star did not work with her BFF Taylor Swift. “I definitely didn’t work with Taylor Swift on this album," she said.

Gomez, a former Disney queen, also said that her new approach to her craft, like starring in a movie her young fanbase cannot and should not see, affected her music. "I kind of wanted to apply what I was doing in acting to my music a little bit,” she said. "So I got to take a year off music and do films that were so much fun and liberating for me as an actor. Then getting back into the studio — it was the hardest I’ve ever worked on an album."

Her source material for inspiration? Skrillex, Britney Spears and 'Spring Breakers.'

The first track, 'Come and Get It,' is due in April. Gomez called it "super electro pop."

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